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Rifeng 11.6mm Multilayer Piping System for Heating in Europe
  Publish: 2010-04-13 14:56:00      Hits: 2701   
With the development of economy, underfloor heating system is more and more widely used all over the world. That is mainly because underfloor heating system is more energyefficient, environment-friendly and hygienic. However, consumers' demand for better products is endless, and more efficient systems are always needed. To meet the new market demand from Europe, Rifeng decided to develop smaller multilayer piping system for floor heating.
In recent years, Rifeng has invested a great deal of money and time to improve its heating system. Until 2009, the whole product chain is nearly finished. In order to further improve Rifeng underfloor heating system, we decided to strengthen our absolute advantage through
completing 11.6 mm multilayer piping system. Smaller dimension piping system is a better choice for heating system. Compared with traditional heating system, in this new system, pipes are installed more closely to each other making the pipes turn more rounds in the room, and hot water inside have to go a longer way which retain more heat from the water in the room. Besides, thinner wall of the pipe also help improve the efficiency. Through full use of thermal energy, this new smaller pipe heating system is even more energy saving and environmental-friendly. The dimension of 11.6mm multilayer pipe is very small with high technical requirement, and the technical requirement for a wellmatched complete system of pipes and fittings is even higher.
The accomplishment of this system, in such a gloomy financial crisis time when many manufactuers stop R&D investment, fully embodies Rifeng's powerful comprehensive strength. In addition, as a responsible company, Rifeng would keep on developing environmental-friendly products that help reduce carbon emission.
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