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New Plant! New Milesto
  Publish: 2010-01-02 11:06:54      Hits: 1133   
Star Products
The top-selling products in this new plant are the big size brass fittings and FN5C underfloor heating manifold kit.
Last June, Rifeng had established one new fitting factory for brassware production. And this year, Rifeng has built another larger new plant to expand its production capacity for its full range of products, especially for the brasswares.
Strong Brassware Production Capacity
Covering 135,000 square meters, the new plant has six buildings, including manifold workshop, brass fitting workshop, sanitaryware workshop, valve workshop, inspection workshop, laboratories, packaging workshop, warehouses, adiministration offices and even staff dormitories. This resource integration is of great benefit for smoothing the production process and saving logistics costs, etc.
Rifeng can provide its customers with 300,000 angle valves and faucets, 21,000 manifolds and 405,000 valves per month by the efforts of nearly 800 skilled workers in this plant.
Rifeng's 400 ton punching machine
Big Size Brass Fitting
Testing the incoming raw material(brass or DZR brass) is the first step in our quality control program. The Brass or DZR Brass should pass the Material Spectroscopy and Tensile Strength Test, and the results will be recorded on our Raw Material Test Report. Then a 400 ton punching machine will forge the eligible brass blocks into semi-finished fittings.
After trimming and machining, we will continue series of tests to the finished fittings, such as Dimensional Tests, Torque Strength Test, Hydrostatic Test, Thermal cycle test and so forth.
FN5C Manifolds
The Material Spectroscopy, Tensile Strength Test and Thermal cycle test are a must to the raw material quality control. Rifeng also has special CNC Machines for the manifolds production. After machining, the manifold body will experienced thermal annealing and unique treatment process. Assembly is a very important step to the manifold kit, so our assemblers are specially trained before and they are required to be in strict accordance with the details of assembly drawings. The last but not the least, we will finish
 the Sealing Performance Testing, Screw Torque Test, Hydrostatic Test and Thermal cycle test to the FN5C Manifold Kit.
The opening of this new plant marks the beginning of a new milestone in Rifeng history. As a leading provider of Plumbing and Indoor Climate Systems since 1996, Rifeng is always on its way of getting ground, and it will never fall to the storm.
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