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Rifeng, Providing You with More than Expected--the 106th Canton Fair Report
  Publish: 2009-12-10 15:44:24      Hits: 1571   
Rifeng, with its supreme quality products and advanced multi-applicable systems, impressed the customers and visitors again at the 106th Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) in Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou.
As the biggest scale and most comprehensive exhibition in the world, Canton Fair has always been a platform for Chinese enterprises to go global and for global visitors to come. This time, Rifeng presented visitors a whole range of integrated systems covering plumbing and indoor climate systems in its 100 m2 stand. During the event, Rifeng received more than 1,000 visitors, 93% increased compared with those in the last session. Besides the matured and already competitive piping systems- Nevertheless, the most impressive part is the initial show of Rifeng' s integrated underfloor heating system.
  With over 15 years' experience in piping systems manufacturing,Rifeng guarantees the high reliability of pipe used in underfloor heating(UFH). But it didn't stop
Multilayer Piping Systems, PEX Piping Systems and PP-R Piping System covering Plumbing, Heating, Gas Transportations, Fire Protection and Air-conditioning applications, high quality hardware products including Brass Fittings & Valves, Flexible Hoses and Thermostatic Valves equally caught visitors' eyes.
Rifeng's steps forward. To a further step Rifeng improved the core in UFH-central regulation station.Now the upgraded manifold kit FN5C, the 3 types of temperature mixing units for preferable choices plus safe valves enable Rifeng's customers a trustworthy heat regulation station in the use end. And it dosen't yet satisfy Rifeng's ambition in integrated system R&D. In the year 2010,
Rifeng will put into use its factory for air source heat pump and storage unit water tank, both for the heat source. By then Rifeng will be conquering the whole production line in underfloor heating system.
The reason for Rifeng's success is the result of Rifeng's vision discovering the integrated system development strategy, which maximizes the profit margin and add to the competitiveness for both Rifeng and Rifeng customer.
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