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Rifeng National Conference 2009
  Publish: 2009-06-30 08:42:35      Hits: 3032   
Rifeng has been successfully holding its annual national conference for many years, over hundreds of Rifeng Agents and trade professionals would gather together each springtime to attend this great event.
This year, despite the gloomy outlook of current global financial situation, Rifeng and its agents and partners have much to looking forward to. From 28 to 30 March, Rifeng has invited more than 600 agents from all over China to come together in the beautiful tropical resort city of Sanya in Hainan Island for its 2009 conference. The location was deliberately chosen to offer attendees a sunny and uplifting experience. With global financial crisis at sight, 2009 conference has put great emphasis on addressing many of its agents' concerns about   future risks and sales. In the past year of 2008, Rifeng has overcome many challenges and adversaries, statistics and reports presented at the conference demonstrated Rifeng's strong capabilities to continue progressing through difficult times. There is a sense of togetherness and achievement forged during those 3 days. New products and systems with high competitiveness were also launched at the conference, prompting many agents to place orders on site.  
Partnership & Achievement
--- Rifeng, growing with you.
2008 has been a difficult year for most of the manufacturers both in China and over the world. However, Rifeng still managed to achieve increases in both of its domestic and overseas markets. It could not been done without the efforts of its agents and partners worldwide. Over the years, Rifeng has built up a extensive nationwide sales and service network throughout China, which is supported by 600-strong general agents with over 10,000 distributors. This sales system integrating manufacturer, agents and distributors has enabled Rifeng to rapidly expand its sales channels and resources.
Rifeng puts strong value on long-term partners and agents. Those with exemplary performance were awarded at the conference.
      Professionals including experienced Rifeng contractors, designers, engineers and installers were also invited to privide attendees with trainings seminars and technical consultancies.
Rifeng agents also bring with them their latest sample projects scattering all over the country, which is a reflection of Rifeng's highly recoganized brand in customers' view.
New Products on Show
PP-R Piping System(a complete range of specifications from 20mm to 110 mm and a whole system with newly launched valves and fittings)
PE-RT Piping System
(specification:1520?2026) and 2632
PE-RT Pipe
Besides the Multilayer Pipe and PEX-b Pipe, Rifeng also launched the ORANGE PE-RT Pipe for the Underfloor Heating System.
Central Regulation Station
? part of the Rifeng underfloor heating system
? all components from one supplier
? being economical as a subsequent room temperature control installation in existing underfloor heating systems
? easy installation in new systems
? exact room temperature control
? simple installation and operation
This spring, Rifeng launches a new generation of gas hose. We strongly recommend you to use the new Corrugated Stainless Steel Gas Hose or NBR Gas Hose in your gas system. This two kinds of gas hoses are safe, stable, flexible, pressure-resisting, long-lasting for gas transmission application. Now, Rifeng's Gas Multilayer Piping System offers you an integrated system from pipes, fittings, valves, hoses and other components.
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