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Rifeng was established in 1996 as the first Multilayer Pipe Manufacturer in China, and now Rifeng has been a renowned and experienced system supplier after more than a decade's development.
Rifeng provides advanced Multilayer Piping Solutions fo Plumbing, Heating and Gas Transpotations in all building types, from residential house to industial and commercial buildings.
Rifeng endeavors to provide our customers with diversity in choices and satisfaction in quality. By integrating our excllent R&D capability and roduction scale, we are able to provide a range of services fom OEM to tailored services fo niche markets.
PEX Snowmelting System--Permanent, Durable and Ice-free  
Rifeng PEX Plumbing System is an integration of durable and flexible pipes, brass fittings and manifolds. As a result of continuous research and development for over ten years, the system has met the performance standards in seventeen countries, and is being used all over the world.
Rifeng PEX Underfloor Heating System is an industry-leading solution offering a superior, efficient and clean radiant heating by distributing heated water from a heart source through a piping network.
Rifeng PEX Snowmelting System--warm pavers instead of shovels, blades or salt. Install Rifeng PEX Snowmelting System can improve safety and reduce damage of freeze in industrial, institutional, commercial and residential situations in the cold winter.
Rifeng PEX Fire Protection System is logically designed to integrate sprinklers with a home's plumbing system into one multipurpose solution. Thanks to the perfect qualified pipe, fitting and the sprinkler, you can rely on our watertight connection and durable system.  
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