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Rifeng PEX-b pipe is more flexible than other PEX pipe so it's easier and faster to install. Compared to copper pipe, Rifeng PEX-b requires fewer connections, uses less pipe and resists aggressive water.
PEX Pipe
Rifeng provides 3-layer PEX Pipe and 5-layer PEX Pipe, as well as the corrugated pipe
PEX Fittings (PF1, PF2, PF5)
To match with the PEX Pipe, Rifeng provides quality Compression Fitting-PF1, Axial Press Fitting-PF2 and Crimp Fitting-PF5
Manifolds, Adaptors & Accessories
Manifolds for the PEX Piping System.
Tools for PEX
Tools for the PEX Piping System, offer you a fast and safe installation
Accessories for the PEX Piping System.
Installation (PF1, PF2, PF5)
Installation guide for the PEX Piping System.
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