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Stainless Steel Corrugated Flexible Hose for Gas Transportation

Hose Connectors for the gas cooker and the air inlet, perfectly transmits the liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, marsh gas and natural gas.

Newly designed, nice appearance, corrosion protection, easy bent, long service life, favorable leak tightness, Rifeng Stainless Steel Corrugated Flexible Hoses is the perfect substitute for the traditional rubber pipe.


Key Figure
Nominal Diameter: DN10mm???
Material: SUS304
Thickness: 0.20 mm
Length: 500~1500 mm
Working Pressure: *0.8 bar??
Working Medium: Residential Gas
Working Temperature: -20*C~100*C

Service Life: More than 10 years (change the gasket every three year for longer service life.)

Installation Guide
Now we have two kind of connections: female thread connection and plug-in connection.
1. Female Thread Connection-make sure the gasket is put right on the seal area, twist the threads to the correct direction manually and tighten with spanners.

2. Plug-in Connection--the standard outside dimension of push-fit connector is *11.5. Make sure the gasket and the two protuberances osculate.
Installation steps: exterior & seal ring inspection--connection--impermeability test--ventilation test


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