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Glass Bulb Sprinkler Introduction
Our sprinkler is an important part of wet-type auto spraying system. It is usually installed inside the buildings and structures with potential light fire danger, medium fire danger and heavy fire danger, such as workshops, warehouses, hotels, shops, recreational places, hospitals, cinemas, office buildings and garages.The sprinkler is composed of sprinkler frame, sealant and
  glass bulb. It is installed in the protective district via ductwork, acting as a fire detector and auto sprayer. When the temperature rises caused by the fire at the protective district, the liquid inside the glass bulb will be heated and expand, and explode after reaching the operating temperature of the glass ball. The sealant will drop, and the sprinkler will spray to the protective district for fire  
extinguishments subject to the preset shape of spraying.
Features   Key Figure
1. The sprinkler head frame takes advantage of the manufacturing techniques as meticulously forging and pressing copper alloy materials and polishing the outer surface by making it chromium plated, endowing it with such features as frame hardness, anti-corrosiveness and beautiful looks.
2. The temperature (glass ball) is characterized with the capacity for reliable action and rapid response.
  The main material: Brass
Installation: Downward splashing disc (Droop sprinkler) Upward splashing disc (Vertical sprinkler)
Flow coefficient k: 80*4
Sealing test pressure (MPa): 3 Thread: R1/2 Diameter of the glass bulb: 5mm
The action temperature: 65*C~74*C the operating temperature
1. Droop sprinkler: must be droopily installed in the hidden or exposed water pipe network, and the splashing downwards. Vertical sprinkler: must be vertically installed in the hidden or exposed water pipe network, and the splashing upwards.
2. The sprinklers can be assorted with our decorative plates, when they are used in the building with the ceiling.
3. The decorative plate is installed in the bottom of the sprinkler to make it looks better. It is applicable to be used in many places such as hotels , cabarets and etc.
4. It is much better to apply our sprinklers to our corresponding fittings and pipes.


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