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FN5C Manifold--A New Generation
Compared with the FN5B manifold, Rifeng FN5C Manifold has great advantages as follows:
a. Automatic air vent
b. The connection between the air vent and the main body of manifold is demountable
c. More shining appearance because of new polish technics
d. Direction arrows are showed on the main body to indicate the delivery manifold and return manifold e. The color of flow gauge is changed to red to indicate the delivery side
f. The color of switch knob is changed to blue to indicate the return side
1. Ball valve   2. Thermometer   3. Flow meter   4. Delivery manifold
5. Automatic air vent   6. Drainage valve   7. On/Off knob manifold   8. Return manifold
1. Standard: CJ/T 251-2007
2. Material :

Manifold Body: HPb59-1
Port Connections: HPb59-1
Seals: EPDM
Flowmeter: ABS, Nylon, PC, Stainless Steel
  3. Techincal Data:
Applicable medium: hot and cold water, mixture of water and anti-freeze additive
Nominal pressure: 1.0MPa
Temperature of Applicable medium: 0-85íŠ
Max Temperature: 90íŠ
Flow adjust range: 0-5L/min, Kvs=1.10
Main inlet/outlet size: 1"
Sub inlet/outlet size: 3/4"
122 L=50*n+20 58.5 284 334 384 434 484 534 584 634 684 734 784

FN5C-1F-3/4*2(Cu) 1"G 2 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*3(Cu) 1"G 3 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*4(Cu) 1"G 4 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*5(Cu) 1"G 5 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*6(Cu) 1"G 6 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*7(Cu) 1"G 7 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*8(Cu) 1"G 8 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*9(Cu) 1"G 9 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*10(Cu) 1"G 10 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*11(Cu) 1"G 11 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*12(Cu) 1"G 12 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*2(Ni) 1"G 2 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*3(Ni) 1"G 3 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*4(Ni) 1"G 4 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*5(Ni) 1"G 5 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*6(Ni) 1"G 6 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*7(Ni) 1"G 7 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*8(Ni) 1"G 8 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*9(Ni) 1"G 9 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*10(Ni) 1"G 10 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*11(Ni) 1"G 11 3/4"x18
FN5C-1F-3/4*12(Ni) 1"G 12 3/4"x18
The FN5C manifold made of brass HPb59-1, with flow meters for the adjustment of the flow rates of each water circuit.
Procedure for the adjustment of the flow rates of each water circuit.
The thermoelectric heads are mounted on the thermostatic screws of the distribution manifolds, replacing the protection caps. When these actuators are installed, each single radiant circuit can be controlled, and, consequently, the room temperature of each room can be adjusted.
Replacement of a protection cap with a thermoelectric head
Accessories for the system thermal control
Suitalbe for use with Rifeng underfloor heating manifolds.   Adapter strip with 6 output channels, for the easy connection of up to 6 room thermostats. Suitable for installation in Rifeng manifold   Easy to use thermostat that incorporates conventional thumb wheel control to adjust the temperature set point


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