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Rifeng was established in 1996 as the first Multilayer Pipe Manufacturer in China, and now Rifeng has been a renowned and experienced system supplier after more than a decade's development.
Rifeng provides advanced Multilayer Piping Solutions fo Plumbing, Heating and Gas Transpotations in all building types, from residential house to industial and commercial buildings.
Rifeng endeavors to provide our customers with diversity in choices and satisfaction in quality. By integrating our excllent R&D capability and roduction scale, we are able to provide a range of services fom OEM to tailored services fo niche markets.
Based on Rifeng multiplayer pipes and fittings which carry the NSF and DVGW certificate, the whole system is safe, reliable and energy efficiency. Rifeng multiplayer pipe, combing the advantage of plastic and mental, is ideal for all commom hot and cold water installations.
Rifeng Underfloor Heating system provides comfort and energy saving . Every single component is designed and produced to the same uncompromising standards. This is proven by our numerous certificates for quality and environmental friendliness.
Rifeng Radiator Heating System, used in combination with the system components from the basic range offers the possibility of installing a complete system-right from the heating boiler to the most distant radiator.
Approved and certified by SAI Global and SGS for gas distribution in homes and other buildings, Rifeng Gas System combines Rifeng multilayer pipe and fittings. In most applications,even under very tough environmental conditions,the Rifeng multilayer pipe will remain more resistant and safer than a conventional polyethylene gas pipe.
Provides a safe, reliable and economical alternative to snow removal. Resulting in major savings, fewer accidents and, of course, greater comfort. Rifeng Snowmelting System can also be used to extend the season for outdoor sporting activities such as football.
Using proven Rifeng composite pipe and brass fittings, Rifeng Fire Safety System install with ease and confidence.
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