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  Snowmelting System
Provides a safe, reliable and economical alternative to snow removal. Warm water is circulated through piping laid just under the surface, keeping airports, streets, car parks, pedestrian concourses and pavements free of snow and ice right through the winter. Resulting in major savings, fewer accidents and, of course, greater comfort. Rifeng Snowmelting System can also be used to extend the season for outdoor sporting activities such as football.
Multilayer Pipe
Perfect sealing,consists of a comprehensive range of innovative design
Multilayer Pipe Fittings
F1A, F1C, F5, F9
To match with the Multilayer Pipe, Rifeng provides quality Compression Fitting-F1A & F1C, Press Fitting-F5 (U Profile) and Press Fitting-F9 (U Profile)
Manifolds, Adaptors & Accessories
Rifeng provides manifolds for plumbing systems and underfloor heating system, as well as some accessories for manifolds.
Tools for Multilayer Pipes
Especially for the easy,fast and reliable installation
Complete assortments for the entire installation
Installation (F1A & F1C, F5, F9)
Complete assortments for the entire installation.
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