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  Step 1: Cutting the pipe
Cut the pipe vertically by pex pipe cutter. Make sure to cut it quickly and precisely.
  Step 2: Selecting fitting and jaw.
Choose the right size of fitting and jaw of the crimping tool.
  Step 3: Sleeving
Put the copper crimp ring over the pipe at the open end. Later, insert the fitting body into the pex pipe until the shoulder of the fitting reach the pex pipe, make sure the insert is completely inside the pipe, and the contact between fitting and pipe is clean and free of impurity.
Step 4: Pressing
Open the crimping tool and put the fitting into the jaw. Press the jaw until it closes completely. While pressing, make sure the crimping jaw is vertical to the pipe, the pressing contact must be free of impurity.
  Step 5: Checking
Use the GO/NO GO gauge to check whether the pressing is completed. If the crimp ring slides into the "GO" slot, but stops at the shoulder in the "GO" slot, then the pressing is acceptable.
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