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  Step 1: Cutting the pipe
Cut the pipe vertically by PEX pipe cutter. Make sure to cut it quickly and precisely.
  Step 2: Choosing the right size of expander head for the expending adapter.
There are different sizes for pipe and fitting installation in the kit, make sure selecting the right head before expanding. The two handles of the expender must remain 90-degree opened for installing the head.
  Step 3: Expending the Pipe end
a) Sliding the sleeve on to the pipe firstly but do not too close to the pipe end, keep the handles of the expander 90-degree open while fully inserting the expender head into the pipe end.
b) Closing the handles until they are locked with 30-degree opened between them, then return to 90-degree position and pull the head out off the pipe.
  Step 4: Installation of fitting
a) After expanding the pipe end, fully slide the fitting insert into the pipe and move the sleeve near the expended pipe end position.
  b) Choosing the right size of compression heads for the axial-pressing tool and install the heads by following the tool instruction.
  c) Placing the fitting and the sleeve on the compression groove at the right position (as shown from the picture), then close and open up the handles repeatedly along the ratchet bar until the sleeve is stopped by the metal block on the fitting.
  d) Remove the tool head and check the compressing.
* This installation manual is especially for the 14-32(mm) piping systems.
* For your safe connection, Rifeng pipes should be connected with approved fittings recommended by Rifeng.
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