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  Step 1:
Cut the pipe vertically and precisely with a pipe cutter.
  Step 2:
Round and bevel the end holes with the Rifeng reamer (Plastic reamer or T-reamer).
  Step 3:
Choose the right size sleeved-fitting for the pipe, then aim the pipe end at the ring-shape hole of the fitting integrated with sleeve and slide the fitting insert into the pipe until it reaches the plastic block. Check the inserting depth by looking through the inspection holes on the sleeve shoulder to ensure that the pipe is completely inserted.
  Step 4:
It is recommended to use REMS TH profile electric compressing tool for F9II fitting installation.
  Step 5:
Pressing the button on the latch bar and he pin will be released automatically.
  Step 6:
Positioning the corresponding jaw into the groove in the tool.
  Step 7:
Pressing the latch bar back on position and the bar will be locked on the tool automatically.
  Step 8:
Pressing the tail to open the jaw.
  Step 9:
Insure the plastic block and sleeve are at the right position in the jaw; the margin of the block must be placed into the groove of the pressing section.
  Step 10:
Operating the tool by trigger and holding the trigger until the pressing process is finished, a warming signal will sounds when the pressing is done.
* This installation manual is especially for the 14-32(mm) piping systems.
* For your safe connection, Rifeng pipes should be connected with approved fittings recommended by Rifeng.
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